Double bind theory of schizophrenia

The Bad Seed

The Bad Seed

Mervyn Le Roy, 1956


First tricyclic antidepressant, imipramine, discovered

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Thigpen and Cleckley publish book Three Faces of Eve (1957) a case of multiple personality  disorder (now Dissociative Identity Disorder)

The Three Faces of Eve

The Three Faces of Eve

Nunnally Johnson, 1957

Publication of Royal Commission Report on mental illness and the Law

Publication of Royal Commission Report on mental illness and the Law


Hugo Haas, 1957


John Trevelyan

John Trevelyan takes over as Secretary of the British Board of Film Classification

Rhesus monkey experiments

Harlow’s’ controversial rhesus monkey experiments on isolation and maternal deprivation


Alfred Hitchcock, 1958


Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act (UK) creates legal framework for hospital treatment of mental disorder as with physical illness


Richard Fleisher, 1959



First benzodiazepinechlordiazepoxide, introduced under trade name Librium

Peeping Tom

Michael Powell, 1960

Action for Mental Health Report

Report to Congress calls for improvement of care and reduction of patient numbers in American mental institutions

The Divided Self

Publication of R. D. Laing’s book The Divided Self sparks controversy


Alfred Hitchcock, 1960

Experiments on hallucinogens and consciousness

Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert Harvard Psilocybin Project, experiments on hallucinogens and consciousness


The anti-psychiatry movement

Thomas Szasz The Myth of Mental Illness contributes to the anti-psychiatry movement

Splendor in the Grass

Elia Kazan, 1961

Bobo Doll

Bandura’s “Bobo Doll” experiment on modelling social behaviours (imitative aggression) in children


Living With Mental Illness: A Study in East London

Enid Mills’s book Living With Mental Illness: A Study in East London

David and Lisa

Frank Perry, 1962

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Ken Kesey novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Robert Aldrich, 1962

A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange


Experiment on obedience 

Stanley Milgram’s landmark experiment on obedience 

Shock Corridor

Samuel Fuller, 1963


Sanity Madness and Family Life

R.D. Laing Sanity Madness and Family Life published


Robert Rossen, 1964

Kitty Genovese murder

Kitty Genovese murder in New York City triggers studies into the bystander apathy


Freddie Francis, 1964


Alfred Hitchcock, 1964


Kingsley Hall experiment

Kingsley Hall experiment in anti-psychiatry starts in London

Bunny Lake Is Missing

Otto Preminger, 1965


Roman Polanski, 1965

The Collector

William Wyler, 1965


Eye and the Brain

Richard Gregory’s Eye and the Brain changes how people (including Polanski) think about visual perception

Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment

Karel Reisz, 1966

Blow Up

Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966

The Psychopath

Freddie Francis, 1966


Cognitive Psychology

Publication of Ulric Neisser’s book Cognitive Psychology

Hitchcock lifetime achievement Oscar

Politics of Experience and Birds of Paradise

R. D. Laing’s Politics of Experience and Birds of Paradise

Bonnie and Clyde 

Arthur Penn, 1967

The Trip 

Roger Corman, 1967


Jack Bond, 1967


Peter Watkins, 1967


Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) II published by American Psychological Association

New ratings system

US Motion Picture Production Code replaced by new ratings system

Spit brain experiment

Results of Michael Gazziniga and Roger Sperry’s ‘spit brain’ experiments published in Scientific American

The Boston Strangler

Richard Fleischer, 1968

Rosemary’s Baby 

Roman Polanski, 1968

Twisted Nerve

Roy Boulting, 1968

In Cold Blood

Richard Brooks, 1968


Attachment and Loss

Bowlby’s book Attachment and Loss outlines his research expands his previous research on maternal depravation and attachment theory

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Terence Fisher, 1969

The Association for Women in Psychology (AMP) founded

A Cold Day in the Park

Robert Altman, 1969

Five stages of grief

Kubel Ross model of ‘five stages of grief’ (On Death and Dying)


Kingsley Hall closes


Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg, 1970

Lithium approved by FDA

Lithium approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for acute mania

The Mind of Mr. Soames

Alan Cooke, 1970

Controlled Substances Act

U.S. Controlled Substances Act bans LSD, DMT, Psilocybin, Mescaline, and Marijuana for medical use


Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment

Stephen Murphy takes over as Secretary of the British Board of Film Classification

A Clockwork Orange 

Stanley Kubrick, 1971

Family Life

Ken Loach, 1971



Robert Altman, 1972

The Other Side of Underneath 

Jane Arden, 1972

Demons of the Mind

Peter Sykes, 1972


Homosexuality removed from DSM

American Psychological Association (APA) removed “homosexuality” from DSM, and replaced it with “sexual orientation disturbance”

The Exorcist 

William Friedkin, 1973

On Being Sane in Insane Places

David Rosenhan experiment and article on validity of psychiatric diagnosis, published in Science article “On Being Sane in Insane Places”

Don’t Look Now

Nicolas Roeg, 1973


The Man Who Fell to Earth

Nicolas Roeg, 1976